As in life, the story is so much more than these numbers. It’s hard to put into words how ruggedly beautiful this Ranch is: its dramatic slopes look out over Bell Canyon at the northern edge of St. Helena and as you look around, all you see are trees beyond the vineyards, ridges of fir, oak and pine trees cascading down to the Valley floor.

We designed the vineyard to be above-and-beyond in terms of environmental sensitivity. In the early days of trekking up there, I’d feel like “The Great Pathfinder,” John C. Fremont, by the time I drove through the gate. The abundance of wildlife there takes your breath away, from the turkey vultures soaring on the updrafts over the rocky ridges to the busy red foxes. One notable aspect of how we farm Dancing Bear Ranch is the use of aerial imagery—because of that perspective we know every inch of the property—the bowls, exposures, draws, ravines and slopes, all enormously diverse and complex.
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